Suvarn Siam Essential oil 10 ml

Multipurpose essential oil from body scents to room scents. Select your favourite scents from the Relaxing, Refreshing, and Reviving collections.

Suvarn Siam Reed Diffuser 100 ml

One and only Alcohol free Reed diffuser 100 ml. comes with the set of classic diffuser sticks and modern jar that can be in a car or tiny room. There are selected 7 unique scents that are safe for family members.

Suvarn Siam Reed Diffuser 150 ml

A classic decorative item to accentuate your Suvarn Siam signature blends. The reed diffuser 150 ml will immerse your room with our top nine scents: Jasmine Queen, Satin Rose, Meridian, Lively, Siam Herbal, Kimono, Viva & Glam, Harmony, and Utopian. These mini-vases are 100% handmade.

Suvarn Siam Reed Diffuser 350 ml

Decorate your home with this elegant Suvarn Siam Reed diffuser 350 ml, providing greater potency for these six signature blends: Jasmine Queen, Satin Rose, Siam Herbal, Kimono, Viva & Glam, and Harmony. These elegant vases are 100% handmade.

Aromatic Soy Wax Candle 250g

Nourish your skin with warm soy wax. Scoop this exquisite Vitamin E-infused natural oil with our finest Mother of Pearl spoons. Choose from your favourite scents: Jasmine Queen, Satin Rose, Lively, Siam Herbal, Harmony and Utopian.