The Intensive Hand cream 30ml

Give your hand a treat with our enriching cream that will soften and rejuvenate your hands while protecting your cuticles from damage, protecting it against future dryness. Select your favourite scents: Jasmine Queen, Satin Rose, Meridian, Lively, Siam Herbal, Himalayan, and Utopian.

Soothing Body Lotion 250ml

Hydrate your skin and keep it soft and smooth with natural elements. Select from your favourite scents: Jasmine Queen, Satin Rose, Meridian, Siam Herbal, Viva & Glam, and Utopian.

The Silky Skin Body Butter 200ml

Shield your skin against pollution with this antioxidant-packed body butter. This rich and creamy product will nourish your skin with our unique scents.

The Silky Skin Body Scrub 200ml

A pure organic apricot scrub with Australian tea leaves for anti-bacterial properties gently removes dead cells and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Intensive Care Body Cleansing 240ml

Intensive Care Body Cleaning will leave your skin supple and clean and is infused with favourite Thai spa scents, Jasmine Queen or Siam Herbal. For everyday use, this cleanser will calm your mind and will get you ready for a new day.

Intensive Care Daily Shampoo 250ml

Our intensive care daily shampoo nourishes, shines, and increases the volume of your hair. Infused with favourite Thai spa scents, Jasmine Queen or Siam Herbal, your hair will feel smooth, shiny, and silky like you just came from a hair spa.

The Intensive Moisturizing Body Oil 180ml

Massage your skin from head-to-toe with these essential nutrients. Soften your skin with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil while relaxing with Suvarn Siam unique scents. Select your favourite scents: Jasmine Queen, Orientima, Lively, Siam Herbal, and Viva & Glam.

Silky Skin Collagen Soap Bar with Argan Oil 100g.

The special soap bar created and developed from virgin and natural ingredients by pharmacist that are rich in collagen from deep sea, shea butter, Vitamin E, Rice bran oil and Organic Argan oil. Help you in balancing and reviving your skin make you feel fresh and relax with soft and smooth bubbles. Perfect for every skin types as well as sensitive skin. There are 5 unique scents; Jasmine Queen , Moulin Rouge, Siam Herbal, Kimono and Seatreat.

The Oriental Herbal Balm 10g.

Developed from natural ingredients including virgin beeswax, Shea butter, Camphor, Mental and essential oil that can heal dizziness, carsick, string and aches.