Aroma Diffuser ‘Siam Pagoda’

Purify your room with the Suvarn Siam ultrasonic diffuser. Light up your mood with 5-8 drops of your favourite Suvarn Siam essential oil. Comes in two classic colours, black and white, representing the balance of life—Yin and Yang.


Treat your special ones with our selection of Suvarn Siam exclusive giftsets. The perfect gift for seasonal greetings. Each Thai silk handmade box set comes with an essential oil, Reed diffuser 150 ml, Soothing Body Lotion, Intensive Care Body Cleansing, hand cream, Sola wood flower diffuser, and special organic tea. Gift sets are available in three colours:

Ruby: Satin Rose with Rose Bud organic tea.
Emerald: Siam Herbal with Pandan leaves and Lemongrass organic tea
Ivory: Jasmine Queen with aromatic Jasmine tea

Suvarn Travel Set

Let you enjoy the luxury of unique scent everywhere you go around the world with Suvarn Travel Set. Each set contain the most popular items all the time like intensive care daily shampoo (100 ml.), intensive care body cleansing (100 ml.) and soothing body lotion (100 ml.) that come with Luffa Scrub. Available in fabulous scent like Siam Herbal, Jasmine queen and Viva&glam.