Experience the 14 unique scents of Suvarn Siam and harness the revitalizing power of relaxation. The harmonious blending of each unique Suvarn Siam scent is created with utmost love and care. Satiate your senses with these three collections

The Unique Scent Element

  • Suvarn Siam Essential oil 10 ml
  • Suvarn Siam Reed Diffuser 150 ml
  • Suvarn Siam Reed Diffuser 350 ml
  • Aromatic Soy Wax Candle 250g

The Luxury Element

  • The Intensive Hand cream 30ml
  • Soothing Body Lotion 250ml
  • The Silky Skin Body Butter 200ml
  • The Silky Skin Body scrub 200ml
  • Intensive Care Body Cleansing 240ml
  • Intensive Care Daily Shampoo 250ml
  • The Intensive Moisturizing Body Oil 180ml

The Accessory Element & Gift sets

  • Aroma Diffuser ‘Siam Pagoda’
  • Reedstick
  • Suvarn Siam Silky Gift Sets