Step into the world of Suvarn Siam’s Relaxing collection, the first step towards purification and relaxation of the mind. Each unique scent in the Relaxing collection melts away all of your stress and worries and helps achieve relaxation at its finest. Surround yourself with nature. Your very own private spa and garden is now within your reach.

Jasmine Queen
: The oriental queen of flowers blends Jasmine &Asian Jasmine with a touch of Ylang-ylang and Gardenia.

Exotic Leelavadee
: An exotic touch of the Leelavadee flower blends together Frangipani, Ylang-ylang, and Champaca.

Satin Rose
: An infusion of East meets West, a unique mixture of Roses and Jasmine.

: Bringing the warmth of nature to life, Sandalwood and Anise are blended with a touch of forest wood. Meridian
: Let the garden of flowers engulf you in euphoria. Enjoy the blends of an all- time favourite, Lavender, and Garland.